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Student Webdesign offers professional Web design from a Berlin-based Mathematics student for freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses. Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive in order to be professional! Even with low budget, you can finally create beautiful and responsive websites that will not only look great on all devices, but are also discoverable through search engine optimization. Student Webdesign offers personalized and custom-made website development of any kind, brought by the latest technology and at the best price-quality ratio. Choose any layout and Student Web design will create your website as you wish! Here are a few selections of our projects:

Ruhrblick Schwerte

Moderatorin Sandra Berndt

Hautschutz Zentrum Berlin

John F. Kennedy Friendship Center

Be Original Free Tours

Yachtcharter FMS Berlin

Clean Carpet Teppichreinigung

Original Europe Tours GmbH

Virtual Travel

Schreiber Klaus Rubach

Bau- und Möbeltischlerei
Rottkord GmbH

Autorin Anne von Vaszary

Life Coach Maral Alamdari

Hamburger Kompetenzen

Künstlerin Nadja Rentzsch

Rias Big Band Berlin



  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Highly professional product guaranteed
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Perfect for all kinds of businesses
  • Personal and flexible contact in Berlin

What do you offer?

We are offering Professional Web Design made with the web application WordPress at the most reasonable price! WordPress itself has very limited functionalities and is only capable of creating simple Websites. Only through the use of the right selection of WordPress Themes and Plugins, as well as coding, can you create highly professional and stable websites. We are experienced in programming WordPress as well as in the manipulation of the wide spectrum of available WordPress Themes and Plugins. This allows me to create customized websites in the highest quality and at the most reasonable costs.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses of any kind and freelancers. I also accept bigger projects that require more time and work, as long as we can offer enough resources. By now, our experienced team can create websites with the same quality as the ones made by major agencies!

What quality are you able to deliver when creating a website?

If you have the desire for higher quality and stability, I can also offer to create your whole website only with the use of commercial and powerful WordPress Themes and Plugins. This doesn’t imply the use of pre-made templates; your website will be unique, custom designed for you and your individual needs. Student Webdesign offers services that include the selection and explanation of diverse tools, the completion of the needed installations as well as the maintenance of the website. Everything is taken care of!

What are the prices?

The prices vary from different project types. The final price will be a reflection of the amount of time and work required for the project and also affects the overall quality of the concluding product.


  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Highly professional product guaranteed
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Perfect for all kinds of businesses
  • Personal and flexible contact in Berlin

Logo Design

Logo Design

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards & Flyers
  • Letterheads & Email Signatures
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Corporate Identity

What services do you offer?

We also offer logo design, branding and the development of a corporate identity – with this service, you get everything from a single source. The logo creation also includes business cards, email signatures, letterheads, flyers and branding guidelines. We will give you everything you need for a successful Internet presence.

How does the logo design and branding process work?

First, we try to define the core message of your brand. What distinguishes your company? What is the central message and who do you want to address? Based on this, we try to develop a logo that contains information about your message so that you can differentiate yourself from other competitors.

Based on the logo, we then develop your business cards, flyers, letterheads and all other materials that are part of a proper branding. Not only will you have a homepage, you will also get a distinctive brand that cannot be copied.

How high are the costs?

We only offer logo design together with the creation of a website. The cost of logo design depends on the complexity of the logo. For example, if you want to have a mascot logo designed, the costs are higher than for monochrome lettering in line style.

Each type of logo has different costs because the effort involved differs greatly. Write to us, and we can show you a number of references that include different styles of logos. Together, we can find the logo style that best suits your brand.

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